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Furry Interactive Fiction Jam

Hey! I had a blast writing my last story, which took place over instant messages and involved a client that runs in the browser. I’m really psyched to write more like that, to, so…

The Furry Interactive Fiction Jam (FIFJam) is a four week long, low stress writing/game jam wherein participants race to create the best furry interactive fiction they can.

Interactive fiction is a story that is told in such a way that the reader does not simply turn the page or scroll down. They have to participate in the story to one extent or another. Choose-your-own-adventure novels are an early example of this, but with computers, we have many more tools at our disposal!

This is not a ranked or rated process, there is no winner or runner-up. Rather, it’s more like NaNoWriMo in that the goal is to submit something that runs - fully finished or not.

Check it out here!

There’s discussion areas of the jam itself, but I’ve also set up this thread and a #fifjam channel on the Slack! I’m excited to see what folks come up with ^^

So, free-flow RPG where readers affect the outcome?

Yep! Or linear. Something that requires interaction from the user (the interactive bit) and is more about the story than the mechanics (fiction).

What a neat idea! I’ve recently been experimenting with writing interactive fiction through the Ren’Py and ChoiceScript engines. I think I’m a bit too late to jump in this time around, but maybe next time! :3 Or…or maybe I’ll jump in anyway…but I’m not sure I’ll have the time this go-around.