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Furry conventions in general

I’ve just signed a contract with McFarland and Co., a reference-book publisher, to write an approximately-300-page book about furry fandom conventions around the world, from ConFurence 0 in January 1989 through the end of 2015; to be delivered next year. (I just learned about Infurnity, planned for Taipei, Taiwan in late October. Anyone going?)

I have most of the information that I’ll need, but some conventions say that they’ve had a Furry Parade or a big charity donation without giving any specifics. And I’m finding out that many conventions never answer the “Contact Us” links on their websites.

I’d appreciate it if everyone who’s going to any convention will mention this, especially to any con committee members that they meet. If any committee members want to make sure that the info that I have on their conventions is complete and accurate (WikiFur has some errors), please contact me. I mostly need information about what happened at the conventions, so the conbooks printed in advance aren’t much help – although I can use things like the names of conbook cover artists and T-shirt artists. Please contact me if you want to help. fredpatten@earthlink.net

I’m an admin on Wikifur. If you find errors, please feel free to edit the articles in question to make corrections, or let us know so we can fix them.

If you need anything of RainFurrest, please feel free to let me know. I seem to be the main contact between here and Sterling, Bliz, and Kits.

I’ve attended all bar one FurDU, and know the organisers quite well, so if you need any info on that one, I can help. Might be able to ferret out some info on the other Aussie cons too.

I’ve been to Eurofurence 18 (2012) and 20 (2014). I will be able to give details over what I’ve experienced (including the infamous wait for the Pawpet show :))