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Furry Book Review program

The furry publishers (FurPlanet, Sofawolf, Weasel Press, Jaffa Books, GOAL, Legion Press, Rabbit Valley, THP, and Armoured Fox Press) and I have teamed up to create the Furry Book Review, a program of quality reviewers who will produce book reviews for the fandom. Reviews will be posted on the FBR website (forthcoming), Goodreads, and Amazon.

If interested, in applying:
Here is the link for the Furry Book Review application: https://goo.gl/forms/IsLksitppWjQpqbu1
Also, you are required to send me a sample of one of your book reviews: jonathan.thurstonhowlpub@gmail.com

Nice one!

Very good idea, and I am excited to see what it brings. :slight_smile:

I for one relish the thought… This would definitely motivate me to read more and faster! I perform best under a bit of pressure. (This is true for most things in my life.)