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Furry Book Month 2018

Is anyone doing anything for Furry Book Month this October, or was that just for last year?

I haven’t heard anything official yet. :slight_smile: But I’m going to try to do a bunch of reviews on my blog and as usual share with social media as much as possible. Ive read some amazing ‘furry’ books this year and have a backlog of reviews to put up. Might as well rapid-fire them in Oct.

I’d be in for other activities and participation if other folks want to.

Thanks for the reminder!

It’s yearly. There’s going to be an announcement with the next FWG Blog post, tomorrow.

Thanks for picking this up, Trale!!

For those that don’t see it in the other mediums, here’s the FWG Blog Post for FBM2018 - https://furrywritersguild.com/2018/10/01/fwg-blog-october-2018/

Dogpatch Press has four of my reviews of furry books, and an article/essay. I hope that they will be posted during October.

Could you put my middle initial into my name wherever it appears in that post? “Mary E. Lowd” is the name I use for all author things. Thanks.

Once I’m back at my computer I can look into that for you.