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"Furries Among Us" essays collected/editted by Thurston Howl

Just finished this last night so here’s my Bookcrossing & Goodreads review. Because I have it in the BX system, if anyone in the US wants this, let me know and I will mail it to you. It’s yours with the provision that when finished you just give it to someone else (that’s the bookcrossing.com thing to do). And if you want to leave a review/journal on BX, that would rock my world.

(it doesn’t take much, I am part rocking horse, after all)

It's been my week for reading uneven books.

In this case, it’s totally to be expected and forgiven since the book’s about collecting different points of view.

Kyell Gold (misspelled on the back cover)is probably the best Furry invention since I recovered enough to rejoin the Fandom. So, it was fun and educational to read, especially the point about Furry having a lot of adult titles and yet many of these adult labels are slapped on with an ease and zeal that wouldn’t exist for the same scenes and issues in the mainstream market.

It explains my ongoing headbutting with my fellow Metamor Keep writers. My PG-13 is not their PG-13 it often seems.

I was a little let down by Fred Patten’s chapter. The Furry Publishing history was just that and gave me a lot of information. I happen to think Fred himself, and his fan activities in particular, is more interesting than any one else in the book. Every other writer, including the IARP writers, put a bit of themselves in the book. I was looking forward to seeing Fred’s POV as the Furry publishing grew. Mind you, I enjoyed the article but I was looking forward to the story.

Overall, this book helped me understand this fandom better. Thank you for it.