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Furlandia 2014

I’d be surprised if anyone else here is going, but I thought I’d make a thread for Furlandia anyway:


I just signed up for it this weekend. I was waiting to hear if they wanted me to do any writing panels. They’re still working on the schedule, even thought it’s only a few weeks away, but it sounds like they’ll probably have me do something panel-wise. Anyway, it’s nice to have a new furry con spring up only a couple of hours away.

I find it intriguing that the bottom of the website has “2014 Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International” chuckles
But another con on the west coast is always welcome, wonder if this would be a reasonable one to get to one day

OMG PORTLAND IS SO CLOSE TO MEEEE (relatively speaking) And I have friends there! O_O

Sorry for that. This is exciting. DOubt I could come this year but…who knows. O_O

It sounds like I’ll be doing a reading from Otters In Space at 2pm on Saturday, followed by a panel called “Furry Writing” at 5pm.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Furlandia was a nice con. It’s the smallest one I’ve been to – I’ve only been to FC and Rainfurrest before, and they’re both quite big. But it was good to have a chance to see some furry friends, and I think the panels all went well. I ended up being drafted for an extra one, “Writing Your Fursona,” at the last minute. Like I said, it’s a small con, so we had fairly small audiences, but that gave us a chance to really interact with people and make sure we were addressing the aspects of furry writing that they were interested in learning about.

I plan to go back next year.

I really love Rain Furrest. But I’m at best 10% likely to make it this year. I’ll be retiring this fall, which has my schedule all screwed up. I hope to be at 2015 and pretty much every one after.