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Fur the 'More 2019 Writing Track and Panelist request

Hello everyone!

Myself and Significant Otter are heading up the Fur the 'More Writing Track this year, and now that we have it almost together, we’d love to invite you along. And possibly share what you know!
Full details at the con website: https://www.furthemore.org/, but here’s the short version:

Fur the 'More 007: Furry Never Dies
March 15-17th 2019
Sheraton Tyson’s Corner
GOH: Huskyteer

Our proposed panels so far are:
Getting Your First Story Published
Adult Writing
Beta Reading
SciFi and Horror
Effective Plots
Engaging Characters
Writing Groups
Tension and Conflict

If you’re coming to the con and are interested in being on panels, feel free to contact Significant Otter or myself! Thanks!

Who am I gonna see at the con!? Excitement is building.

You’ll see me there! It’s my local con! Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Oh, awesome! You’re someone I definitely owe a coffee/pint ^.^

I’ll be there. Don’t forget the bucky to get us through those late night panels. ;D

I’ll certainly buy you one too!

We might be going to Richmond on Thursday. Beer City.


I’m thinking I should bring a bottle of gin & some tonic.

Hooray for making new writing friends!