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Fur the 'More 2016

(April 8-10, Tysons Corner, VA.)

Just starting this as a placeholder, now that they’re officially open for panel submissions. I’m planning to go, barring any drastic unforeseen events. :slight_smile: Still brainstorming possible panel ideas…

My partner and I will be attending again this year. We will be selling books again. :smiley:

It’s unlikely that I’ll be there. It’s a nice con and I’d very much enjoy attending again, but I blew several years worth of con-budgets attending RF 2015.

I plow a cubefarm.
I could rock this con.
Hmmmm… monies, monies, monies…

Starting to have second thoughts for financial reasons – we’ll have a few big purchases/expenses in the first quarter of 2016, plus a week-long family vacation later in the summer, and I’m questioning if it’s really worth about $400, all told, for us to attend Fur the 'More on top of everything else. :confused: May give it a pass for 2016 and see how things go the next year.

Yeah, looks like we’ll have another several hundred to pay for car maintenance/yet another new tire, so Fur the 'More is definitely out this year while we focus on paying off the credit card. (Unless of course we match some numbers in the Powerball drawing tomorrow night…)

Just a note that panelists are needed for the writing track! If you’re going and are interested in running a panel or two, get in touch with Sparf, who’s doing Programming, or see the panel submission form here: http://furthemore.org/programming/progsub/