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Fur the 'More 2015

May 29-31, 2015, in Tysons Corner, VA. Both for financial reasons and allotted-vacation-time ones, looks like this will be my only con for 2015. (2016… we’ll see.)


May possibly be there. Will hafta check on some stuffs.

I should probably note here that, since I’m now going to RF, I might be attending Fur the 'More just on Saturday, so I won’t have to pay for a hotel room and can save those funds for later.

I think I’ll be going to FTM, but I’m not sure. Some of my really good friends go, so I’m very tempted…

After talking it over with husband again, we’ve decided it’s definitely best to just attend Ft’M for Saturday. (Hoping I’ll be able to get a reading scheduled sometime that day, so I can get some practice before RF…)

Anyone else planning on this one yet? They’re starting to get contacts together for writing panels.

Am now for sure. But, can’t find contacts to contact to give writing panels. Can you forward me some info? I love giving writing panels!

Sending PM…

My partner and I will be going this year. Going to be in the dealer’s room, but hopefully I can sneak out for some writing panels.

Here’s my schedule… Again, I’m only coming for Saturday, so it’s going to be a full day.

10 - 11 AM - Furry Writing for Experienced Authors (with Phil Geusz)

11:30 AM - 1 PM - Traditional Publishing: A Map to the Process (with Ianus J. Wolf)

2 - 3 PM - My reading! Come hear me read… um… stuff! :smiley: Fiction, anyway, maybe even a poem, and definitely something fun from the novel-in-progress.

4 - 5 PM - Self E-Publishing: A Guide to Getting Started (with Ianus J. Wolf)

I may also attend the poetry panel if I have time, and I’m sure we’ll be at the Matthew Ebel concert that night. And then I’ll see if I want to duck into “Why I Hate the Fandom” or just head for home. XD

The full con schedule is at http://sched.furthemore.org/. And if you just want to see the writing track… http://sched.furthemore.org/track/writing/

Will probably write more about Saturday later on, but just wanted to say now – Rabbit, good meeting you; Friday, thanks for coming to the reading (and hope yours went well, too); Ianus, good to see you again; Camio, good meeting you too, and thanks for adding the FWG bookmarks to the Rabbit Valley table! And hi to anyone I forgot to mention. :slight_smile: Hoping I can come back next year for the full con again…

Great meeting you too, PT. And thanks to everyone who participated in making it a wonderful event!