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Fur The More 2014

I figured I’d throw this up here because this is another con I may be going to. It’s one or the other (the other being FWA) that I’ll be going to. If I go to this one, which is more likely, I’ll have people to stay with, so this is more of a ‘who’s going’ thread.

I’ll be there… first con in several years, actually. Right now we haven’t made our hotel reservations yet, so I can only guarantee being there for Saturday, but we’re planning to be there the whole weekend.

I’ve thought about doing a panel or two, but… I don’t know. Maybe. I think I’d rather be on one with other people than do one all by myself, so we’ll see.

Just bought my ticket. I will be there all weekend!

And Jarrell and I will too, since we have made our hotel reservation now.

Wasn’t going to be able to make it, but suddenly might be able to now. Here’s hoping.

So looks like I’ll be on 6 panels during the con – here’s my schedule in case anybody’s interested (and of course the full con schedule is over at http://www.furthemore.org):

5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Flash Fiction Contest Rules (Ianus J. Wolf, Poetigress)
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Writing Furry Pirates (Poetigress, Ocean)

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Furry Writing for Initiates (Poetigress, Christopher Wenham)
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Getting Published from Submission to Release (Ianus J. Wolf, Poetigress, Ashe Valisca)

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Furry Writing for Captain Ninja Masters (Poetigress)
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Flash Fiction Contest Winners (Ianus J. Wolf, Poetigress)

I’ll also be judging the flash fiction contest with Ianus, which should be fun. :slight_smile: All in all, lots of good panels on the schedule, writing and otherwise!

Hey! I’ll join in. I’m on one panel:

1-2:30 PM Furry Writing for Landlubbers (Ianus J. Wolf, Friday)

Ianus is overclocking himself, he’s on nearly every panel. Props to him!

Also, no guarantees but I might bring cookies… I tend to snack a lot throughout the day and people never eat enough at cons. To many panels to be at! If you see me and want cookies just ask.

Wah, no one is going to FWA. snf :slight_smile:

Pirates, ninjas, and landlubbers? These are some interesting panel titles.

The con theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas. :slight_smile:

Ah, that explains it. Although, it still makes for intriguing panel titles.

That was my original plan, but then I could get a ride up to FTM, so… :confused:

In case anyone was wondering, Fur The 'More 2014 was wonderful! It was great meeting all of you writers. All the panels were wonderful, as were the panelists. Very informative and engaging talks from Poetigress, Ocean, Ianus, Ashe, and The Gneech!

Additionally, the atmosphere and energy of the con was just right. I saw a pretty good array of peoples and interests and everyone seemed to be having fun doing what they wanted to do.

That sounds great, and full of people I’d love to meet in person some day!

Full con report’s over here, but wanted to chime in and say it was great meeting you guys, and I agree about the atmosphere and energy. I don’t know whether it was the right size con or the right venue or the right people or a little of all of it, but it was the best con experience my husband and I have had, and that includes a few years’ worth of AC and Mephit. Tentatively looking forward to next year, once dates and such are announced. :slight_smile:

Dates and new location for next year just announced:

Barring anything major happening to prevent us, husband and I are planning to be there again next year, especially if the rooms are cheaper this time around. We’ve both worked in that area and are familiar with it, and it actually might even be a slightly shorter drive for us than the previous hotel was.

Tentatively saying I might go to FTM 2015. Depends on if a certain otter goes or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, I wish it was on my side of the Mississippi :smiley: Maybe someday… Flying out of Montana is ridiculously expensive.

I loved FTM last year and will hopefully do it again next year! I think a couple of my friends will go for sure, and if they do I will.

The location for this isn’t bad for me to one day go to, but unless they push the dates back by at least a week, there’s no way I could ever go. Textbook buyback season is a blackout period for time off for me.