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Forum membership approval

Just a quick announcement that all forum memberships are generally approved or rejected within a day or two, and up until now I haven’t been using the setting to send an email when the membership is approved. I guess I just kind of assumed people would check back and log in, but from what I’m hearing now, a number of you were waiting for an email that obviously never came. :-[ My bad.

From here on out, I’ll be sending an email with approval, just to make sure there’s no more confusion on this point. But if you tried to register here in the last month or so and never heard back about it being approved, you’ve probably been approved for some time and just didn’t know it. :slight_smile:

I think you’re still waiting back on Yannarra’s writer blurb right?


Thank you. I just joined this weekend and saw the e-mail traffic for approval go through o.k.

I still keep hearing (this time in the member survey) that some people aren’t able to participate on the forums because they either never got their registration approved or never got a confirmation email.

As a reminder, admins on the forum do have to approve forum registrations, and there are only two of us, so it may take a day or two to happen if we’re away from the computer or otherwise busy. But if you haven’t gotten a confirmation after a week, something’s gone wrong somewhere. So…

If you’ve registered on the forums and haven’t gotten a confirmation email approving your membership:

1) Try logging in. There was a period of a few weeks back around mid-July where people weren’t getting confirmation emails. Several people had their memberships approved during that time, but they never realized they were approved because emails didn’t go out. (Your confirmation might also have wound up in spam, as I’ve noticed recently that some forum notifications have started showing up in my own spam folder.)

2) Email me directly. If you still can’t log in, let me know at furwritersguild (at) gmail.com. Especially if you’ve tried to register more than once and can’t get in, please, absolutely, let me know! Tell me what username you’re trying to register under, and I’ll check and see if the request is showing up. We get a fair amount of spambots trying to register, so if your username isn’t obviously furry or you left the “species” field blank, there’s always the possibility we mistakenly thought you were a bot and rejected you for that reason.