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Finally, Fishfox from FC!

Hey, ya’ll! Thought I’d say hello!
I’m not terribly well-versed in the art of introduction (read: I’m a terribly awkward human being and/or FishFox.) I can say, however, that I’m very happy to be here!
I’m a musician by trade, but got bitten by the writing bug years and years ago – thanks to music, ironically, but that’s another story – and the addiction has grown exponentially since then. Until now though, I hadn’t had any other furry writers to converse with. I didn’t even know there was a place for us furry writers until FC. Meeting some of you at the con was such a wonderful experience. I’ve never felt so happy or positive about the art of writing until now! I’m very very happy to be here, and hope to become part of the community!

Much love to everyone! :smiley: Thank you Wolphicorn and Chipotle and everyone who helped introduce me to the guild!!

Edit: Sorry if I messed up anyone’s names, it was a very long drive back home. :X

Welcome! I hope you’ll find it inspiring to have other furry writers around - I know I do.

Welcome to the forums!

Hiya, Woofle! So glad you found the Guild! It was great hanging out with you at FC! I’m excited to check out your work! :smiley: SQUEE!!! glomptacklehug


Welcome to the forums!

Hi (again) and welcome! It was great meeting you at FC.