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Fiction Fluency Seminar Series

So, I just signed up for a series of fiction seminars – it’s called Fiction Fluency, and the seminars are once a month (Feb - July) on a Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning, designed to be as friendly as possible to people who have to travel in from out of town. Eric Witchey is an amazing writing teacher. His style is extremely analytical, but the intellectual tools he provides allow a writer to troubleshoot what’s going wrong when they’re stuck, without interfering with the intuitive magic of writing when it flows. The classes I’ve taken from Eric previously have helped me up my writing game immensely.


Anyway, I’m really excited to take this series of classes, and I thought I’d share the information here. It’d be super fun to have other furries take the series too. (You can sign up for individual classes, or the whole series.) Eric’s fine with furry writing. He even has a story published in ROAR 6 and is a member of the FWG; though, I don’t think he hangs around these forums much.