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Female writers of the FWG?

Hello all.
In the United States, March is officially designated as Women’s History Month, and only this past week did I discover the Wordpress blog of Rune

Added: There is also this good story at


I emailed Patch, of http://dogpatch.press/ telling him about this, and in discussion he asked me if I could write up a short article about Rune’s blog post and Twitter.

I would like expand that story and include some mention of other notable achievements of female members of the furry community. In the research process I have looked at the FWG members list and found 29 female members of the Guild out of 165 total members. This number includes two members who I understand are transgender identifying as female, Austen Crowder and Madison “Makyo” Scott-Clary. If I have made a mistake in this identification I apologize and ask for correction of identification.

I have also found these four members whose gender I could not identify from their FWG profiles:
names removed by Shining River to protect privacy Thankyou.

Could someone please inform me as to how these above individuals identify in regards to gender and if I may include them in the number of female writers of the Furry Writers Guild?

I sense that this general subject of contributions by female members of the furry community could make for a greater essay, one that would be appropriate for next years Women’s History Month. I do feel that I am not best qualified to write such a work and that perhaps such a work might be better served by a collaboration of female writers. Thank you for your time and assistance.

I’m adding this reply to say that my brief article has been submitted to Patch at his Dogpatch Press and he now tells me he would like to include a few pics of book covers that women FWG members have published. If you would like to have a small pic of your book cover displayed in the upcoming article I suggest that you contact Patch directly patch.ofurr@gmail.com Please just tell him it’s for Shining River’s “March is Furry Women’s Month” article. He would very much like to hear from you.

Well, Dogpatch Press published the story that I wrote regarding women who fursuit and who write for the furry community.

I’m grateful to Patch for how he added images of some writers’ published books, and to Fred Patten for his links to reviews of some of those books and stories. My article featured information about only eleven of the more than thirty women writers of the Furry Writer’s Guild. I did not intend to slight anyone by omitting their name and literary works. I thought it better to at least have some exposure for the women writers of the Furry Writer’s Guild and this article was only conceived of last week, rather late in the month. Perhaps someone will help provide a more in-depth examination on this subject for March in 2018. “Any press is good press”, so the saying goes in Hollywood show business, and with the voting open for the current Ursa Major Awards, several of you who are in the running did receive some good press. There are more stories about women members of the furry community waiting to be told in future Furry Women’s Month articles. I hope some of you will share those stories with us.

Thanks for doing this!