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February says henlo

Henlo fellow writers, am February, or Feb.

I like to write “Hard” science fiction, especially the Orwellian flavor of it. By this I mean using contemporary philosophy and modern politics to speculate on potential futures, the people who live in it, and what their motivations might be. As for the “Hard” bit, I take the view of Peter Watts, who infamously included vampires in his otherwise Hard Sci-Fi novel Blindsight with the excuse he gave them an evolutionary rationale for existing. “Hard” to me merely means a logically consistent world where no contradictions exist and all things can be put into scientific context. Besides, when speculating about the future, plausibility might as well be synonymous with exaggeration.

Then there’s the Furry question. Less am I involved in the identity of it (although I’ve been involved in the community for a decade), more am I of the opinion anthropomorphic animals are genius literary devices to explore the human condition without stepping on anyone’s toes (Beastars, Zootopia, etc). In my work, anthros, whether they be cosmetic or genetic, are featured in primary roles. They are a lot of fun and I appreciate the expressive medium and anyone who feels the same.

My published works include my novels Book One and Two of my 2084 trilogy, and a novella titled Edax sapiens, all available on Amazon (although I’d be glad to move away from it and sell someplace else): Amazon.com: Kadon Peterson: books, biography, latest update

Currently working on the third book and coding a text based game about the trilogy: maladygame.com

See ya around!

Nice to meet you, Feb! Welcome!

I think there’s a wide variety of folks along the furry experience here (I’m more on the therian side myself, but the other FWG writer from my city just finds furry writing neat), and a lot of folks will agree that having a bit of distance helps to really explore what it is to be alive and human (something that can be done in other ways; since you like Peter Watts, I’ll mention one of my favourite stories of his, “The Things,” which I think does this really well).

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