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Fanged Fiction and Anthology Ideas

For those that haven’t heard, I’ve started up another publishing imprint. Goal Publications has been moving toward becoming a YA-friendly imprint, so I’ve created Fanged Fiction for more adult works. Other than being open to erotica and other non-YA-friendly topics, the submission guidelines are the same as for Goal Publications. For more information, visit www.goalpublications.com

Fanged Fiction also has its own Twitter account, @fangedfiction

Now, I’d like to start up an erotica anthology. For this I’m going to need two things:

First - I need themes! Please suggest themes you’d be willing to write for, or read. I will not be picking the most popular theme from here. I’ll be taking all of your suggestions, and talking them over with the editors for this anthology.

Second - I need editors! I’m looking for two editors for this project. One will be the lead editor, who will be ultimately in charge of the final decisions for the anthology, as well as the overall quality. This person needs to have experience editing some anthologies. The other will be an assistant editor, who I’d like to have less experience editing anthologies, and would like to know more.

I haven’t come up with details as far as anything else yet, as far as release date, payment, anything. That will all be mentioned when I’m actually opening the call for submissions.

So, let me know below what sort of interest you have for this!

Waves! I’d be interested in being an assistant.

I would be willing to toss my hat into that ring.

As far as theme, I have been aching to do several. Possibly in the same series.

  1. Predator/Prey. This is all stories touching on the nature of that aspect; straight forward, role reversal, the way it’s influenced behavior now that no one is no longer literally hunted, etc.

  2. Exotic species. Every story must have one (or both?) main character be a species that’s rarely seen in furry media. What’s considered rare vs. too common is decided by the editors/publisher, probably putting a list of too-common species in the call for submissions.

Superhero fantasy: I always loved Kyell’s League of Canids stories and it got me wondering why there aren’t more in this vein, since a lot of the ideas (erotic or otherwise) make the universe interesting. That and it’s probably as close to science fiction as I’ve ever successfully written…so with that said, it would allow a lot of looking at the private lives of superheroes, their hang-ups, obsessions, and even provide some humor as well (a speedster for example bouncing between two dimensions making love to two women at the same time).

It’s probably a tough sell, but I’d love to see an “Un-furled” anthology. Scales, fins, feathers and carapaces, etc. Primary characters that are furry, but not “furry.” :slight_smile:


I’d like to help with this, if able. :slight_smile: I have lead editor experience, but would love to intern under a senior editor if able.

Fantasy erotica.

Like more than dragons, unicorns and werewolves. I’d like to see sphinxes, Phoenix, selkies, brownies, werehyenas, and stuff like that.

Plus themes that are set in mythological places that tie into fantasy. That would definitely be something I’d write for. :smiley:

Congrats, and best of luck!

For anthology ideas…

How about one focusing on rituals, ceremonies, and initiations?

Another could focus around new experiences, or trying new things.

Or (and I’m compelled to include this because I’m totally into it) a theme revolving around water. Be it oceans or pools.

I’d also like to second the idea for superhero-themed stories down there :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing you can do now is ask any editor with an open anthology if you can read slush. Someone to help read and judge submitted stories is always valuable.

I will echo both Dwale and Kiris.

I suggested a good queer fairy tale inversion in telegram. Taking those stories that often penalize “unbecoming” behavior. Like having Hansel and/or Gretel falling in love with the witch.

Maybe take an assistant editor based on topic?

I look forward to future anthology openings from Fanged Fiction!

For anthology suggestions:

Season-themed (maybe one anthology covering all the seasons or focusing on just one)

Five senses (I think a scent-themed anthology would be interesting)

Wild West



I’ve already DM’d you, but my suggestion would be “Rituals”. Gang initiations, religious sacrifices, deflowering would all fall in this category.

I like the sound of those. We could really go for some of them