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Fandom book recommendations for outsiders?

Sorry for the short notice - I’m doing a presentation in two and a half days on furry fandom at my local SF/Fantasy con, and I’d like to make a handout with a quick list of basic furry resources (a news site or two, something on fursuiting, etc.) For people who like reading, I’d like to recommend two or three books. Which isn’t many, I know, but I want to take a more minimalist approach rather than overwhelm. So… quick! What are your book recommendations? What would be our current shining examples? My constraints are:

  • Written by authors in furry fandom
  • Recent (within the last 5 years)
  • At least one novel and one anthology
  • Nothing primarily pornographic
  • Easily available in electronic format (because my local con is in Canada, shipping books from the US can add a lot to the cost)

On the anthology front, I thought both Inhuman Acts and Claw the Way to Victory were very strong, and mainstream accessible. For novels - Malcolm Cross’s Dog Country or Ryan Campbell’s God of Clay might fit the bill?

(Apologies for the thing that was fantastic but I’ve forgotten, because there always is one.)

A good couple of books that help straddle the line between fandom and mainstream would be the Summer King series by Jess E Owen (Four legged creatures with full sentient thought, and a series I actually prefer over Harry Potter >.>), or some of MCA Hogarth’s books (can’t recall the name of the series atm, but mostly humanoid characters, but with races of anthropomorphic characters. Balance of them depends on which books you pick up). Both can be found on Kindle, neither could be considered pornographic in the least of sense, and though one is a series and the other is a series of series, both are very well written. I had avoided fandom lit like the plague for well over a decade. Those were the two that were so well-written that I’m now armpit deep in books XD