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Fancy a Bit of a Chat?

Pretty much occurred to me that while a lot of you post regularly, I only find myself reading your thread posts about various aspects of writing. I’m always interested in getting to know other writers better, so take this as an amusing attempt to be sociable. It’s always easier to write dialogue I find. XD

Consider this an ice-breaker. Apart from writing, I actually spend my free time trad climbing (climbing place natural protection) outdoors, and scuba diving. And gaming - can’t forget that. League of Legends and Total War. =)

Feel free to chat with any of us on twitter or Skype.
There’s a thread for both of those I believe somewhere.
Of course there’s always the shoutbox as well.

I agree, Skype is generally good for me.

Twitter’s best for me >.> I can access it during my ten hours stuck at work, while Skype not so much.

It’s always great meeting another fan of LoL though :3 Fave toon?

Email is best for me, but Skype or Google Chat is fine. I’m not very much of a small-talker though; I’d rather chew meat with someone.

You are welcome to contact me on skype at any time.

I shall look into those! I pretty much use Skype for those I know well (sorry guys), so it’s best to get hold of me @televassi on twitter. =)

Going back to the original ice-breaker introduction post, it occurs to me that when I’m not writing fiction I’m very often writing something else. I’m a technical writer at a database company – and got that job in part because the company found a tech blog that I write and really liked a post on it called “Privacy and Presence.” (And that post refers to “a science fiction novel I’ve been working on fitfully for about two years,” which was… an earlier version of the novel I’m working on now. In one sense, I’ve been writing this novel really fast, but in another I’ve been writing it really damn slowly.)

Beyond that, I like coffee a lot, to the point of roasting my own and collecting ridiculous coffee brewing contraptions. I like cocktails a lot, particularly tiki cocktails and pre-Prohibition whisky drinks. And I go out to eat a lot and enjoy finding new restaurants.

I somehow missed this - sorry Chipolte!

Hmm, I guess writing isn’t something you can easily escape then? Oh well, at least it keeps the words flowing, even if its not fiction! Oh, that’s pretty awesome to get noticed for a blog post. I’ve been told it’s a good idea to do so, but I’ve never managed to get any traffic at all, so I gave up at it after a while.

Isn’t that the case with most novels? They’re stubborn little buggers! Ah well, it will be finished eventually. =)

That’s a deep love of coffee - I tend to just get the Nescafe stuff and go from there. I’m not a fan of cocktails, and there aren’t any pre-Prohibition drinks over here! I do have a great fondness for whiskey though. xD