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Exploring New Places

FurPlanet Productions is announcing its next original short story anthology:

Exploring New Places; an anthology of furry stories about going someplace new. That journey can be anything, from a comedy about someone going on a packaged vacation to an exotic resort where everything goes wrong, or a romance where they find Mr. or Ms. Right, to a horror story about an expedition to explore a new planet, or a historic drama about a sailing ship blown off course in a hurricane to an unknown continent.

Length: 4,000 to 20,000 words. Lesser will be accepted. Longer … let’s discuss it.

Opening: March 1st, 2018. Deadline: May 31st, 2018. To be published at Anthrocon 2018, July 5 – 8.

Rating: G to PG. Keep it for all ages, for a family audience.
No explicit erotica, but tasteful romance of any orientation is okay.

Authors who want to contribute are urged to check with me (Fred Patten) first to make sure that their story ideas are not too close to others which are being submitted. Multiple submissions by an author will be considered, but simultaneous submission of a story to different anthologies will not be.

Payment: ½¢ per word upon publication and a contributor’s copy of Exploring New Places, a $19.95 anthology. Contributors may buy additional copies at a 30% discount.

Send submissions to fredpatten@earthlink.net.

Progress report: Submissions and proposed plots to Exploring New Places are coming in nicely, but we are getting a lot of stories about space explorers going to unknown new worlds. More variety would be nice. Also, almost all the submittals so far are about protagonists deliberately going to someplace new. Let’s see more about a protagonist going against his or her will, such as swept in a storm or in a transporter accident, or someone going to someplace new but expecting something different than they find.

You want us to send our ideas to you via e-mail before submitting? I’m just verifying, because I like this theme so I’m putting together something strange for it.

It is recommended but not mandatory. You can just send in a story, if you don’t mind risking that there’s already a story on the same theme. And a couple of stories have already been declined for having nothing to do with the theme. We’re serious about wanting stories about Exploring New Places, not just stories with anthro animal characters.

Only a couple of days over a month to submit your story to Exploring New Places. Get those stories in.

But please make them more than just a mundane story with funny animal characters! We don’t want, for example, a story about a wagon train of farmers traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast to start a new life despite Indian attacks, but it’s another planet and the farmers are anthro sheep and the Indians are anthro wolves. Make it a real s-f or fantasy story.

Only two weeks (+ 1 day) left to contribute your story to FurPlanet’s Anthrocon 2018 anthology, Exploring New Places.

Exploring New Places , FurPlanet’s annual Anthrocon anthology release, was closed on May 31st. It contains 19 original stories for 152,300 words, out of slightly over 290,000 words submitted. We really regretted having to decline some of the others, but there just wasn’t room for them. Exploring New Places is the first anthology to include both a new T.G.N. Initiative story and a new Shreddy the cat story by Mary E. Lowd.