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End of an Era

Spirit poked me with this just now. I’m too fuzzy-headed from being sick to read through it all, but it looks like it might have some really good information.

Interesting article, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Hmm, interesting, and going over some of the things I’ve already seen elsewhere. Still, it’s a useful read, particularly for new members.

I’m sorry if this sounds wonderfully naive, but my opinion on being a writer hovers between quite a few and often opposed points. I’d like to get paid for my writing, yes, but also, the money isn’t a concern - I’m just happy to get something read and in print. Because of the financial issues (which this article expertly details) I’ve never seen career writing as the thing for me. I don’t want to have to churn out content, as that would make me hate what I do - I’d like to believe the altruistic ideal that I’m producing a work of literature (as foolish and vain as that may sound), because that’s what keeps me going when rejections come in, and, inevitably, no money comes in either. The money paid for a story is more to me a stamp of legitimacy, as it shows the piece is something someone considers good enough to part with hard-earned money in order to have it.

Hmm, ramble over. Thanks for sharing Munch!

Very interesting, and very well written article.


My Kindle sales have seriously tanked since 2012, but I’ve mostly blamed it on a lack of suitable new titles. I made pretty good money on kindle for a year or so, but never even dreamed of quitting my day job. Indeed, I’ve not yet spent a dime of the royalties I earned back then, save to pay the taxes generated.

It just so happens that I’m releasing a new series of books on Kindle and in other formats in a few weeks very comparable in many ways to the ones that did so well for me in 2012. I intend to use precisely the same release strategy in terms of marketing, etc, mostly becasue neither I nor my publisher have been able to come up with any promising new ideas on how to do it better despite much skull-sweat. I’ll keep you guys posted whether the new books flourish, bomb, or anything in-between, though I have to admit that these figures will prove nothing definitive about the market as a whole, since the new works may simply be not as good as (or better than, if sales are better) my older stuff.

When Kindle Unlimited first came out I refused to join both as a reader and writer becasue I felt it was going to be a Very Bad Thing for authors. Apparently it’s even worse than I feared.