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Emergency Guild Elections 2021-2022

Following the decision of Linnea to not continue in the role of president, I have decided to put myself forward to take over the role.
Over the past year, I feel like the Furry Writers’ Guild has made some great improvements in terms of what it does as an organisation. I have to give great credit to Linnea and all that has been done by the previous administration.
I do not come forward with any grand plans or sweeping reforms to be made. I simply wish to keep up the momentum gathered in the past year. The guild cannot regress and lose this progress, which I fear would happen without a president to guide it. I know “I’m better than no one” isn’t exactly a great campaign promise, but I also believe it is true. Having a president for the guild is better than none, but I also do have some plans to go forward.
The guild has laid good foundations to help promote its authors, but I feel that more can be done. I intend to make it easier for writers and publishers to submit their work (with priority to new releases) to the guild. I intend to make it easier for this content to reach the eyes of readers, and not just other writers.
Oxfurred Comma was without a doubt one of the biggest undertakings the guild has taken in recent years. A second edition of this should go ahead.
Review membership requirements and levels to ensure the right balance between published and self-published authors, as well as hobby and career writers.
I do not intend to be a revolutionary president of the Furry Writers’ Guild. I merely hope to be a safe pair of hands who can carry on the momentum gathered in the last twelve months.
The guild has great potential. I would hate to see that go to waste because no one stepped up.

J.F.R. Coates


I want to give a thanks and a vote of confidence. You have quite a lot of experience and I’ve had a pleasant time working with you on my early books.

And yes, it would be very sad if nobody could at least keep the progress the guild has made so far! In fact I feel it’s made so much progress recently that we don’t need new grand plans, we just need to cement our gains, at least for a few years. I feel you’re definitely on the list of folks who could manage that, so thank you for volunteering!