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Em hotep!

Hello everyone. Em hotep (Welcome in peace, ancient Egyptian greeting). I have been a heavy roleplayer on the likes of Furcadia, FurryMUCK, f-list and a few other sites. I’ve been turning my interests towards writing, focusing mostly on the massive story that I’ve been building around my fursona, Robert Silvermyst I have tried in the past, but always coming up on writer’s block, or losing my progress due to hard drive failures, or being unable to transfer my work from the old Zip drive to newer media and the like. However, I am working to make strides in improving as I go and looking for constructive criticism to better my skills. I look forward to meeting new faces and other creative minds.

Welcome to the forums!

Hey! :smiley: Welcome! Nice to meet you!


Welcome from me, too!

Caught you on Twitter and glad to see you here too! Soooooooo much good stuff in the forums here on improving your craft. And a lot of people (me included) willing to share what’s worked for us, and, equally illustrative, what has decidedly not. PM me here or @ me on Twitter.


Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: