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Howdy everyone!

Name’s Wyvern. I write the Tuan Suntiger stories over on https://suntiger.co/

I’ve currently got out on that site a whole pile of short stories, a novelette, and two novellas, all penned in my character’s name and voice. He’s a spear-wielding tiger mage named Tuan. With his jaguar and ferret friends Fiora and Todd they get into trouble with demons, darklings, and in the novel I’m working on, even undead.

About that novel: I thought I was halfway through my outline, but my last wordcount shows “half way” is already 50K words on its own. Oops. Still figuring out what I want to do about this.

Anyway, just found that this guild forum exists. On the member lists I see several names who’s work I’ve read and I’m truly honored to be in such great company. :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a good one!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! I’ll check out your site - Tuan and his friends sound fun!

Thanks, I appreciate it! :slight_smile: