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Has anyone ever used or worked with duotrope.com? They contacted me about listing Civilized Beasts on their site, so I just want to make sure they’re all good :3

They’re very good and a lot of markets list with them. I don’t know if they charge for listing, but they do charge for searching up markets now.
You can/probably should list markets at the submission grinder too (diabolicalplots.com) , and if they’re spec fic at Ralan’s (ralan.com). A lot of people cruise those regularly for sub calls.
They’re the big three I know of for fiction, ralan I think has poetry too, and I think you can list with poetrymarkets.com.
I suggested they put your listing up awhile back but not sure if they did it or not.

Absolutely above board AFAIK. Second the recommendation for the Submission Grinder, too.

They actually just reached out to Fred and I. They posted the guidelines for Symbol of a Nation, and they posted Goal Publications as a publisher. Kind of cool (once they fix the info). I may look into the other sites here as well. Have thought about it for awhile, but just…haven’t had the time.

Sounds like they’re reaching out to the fandom these days. That’s pretty friggin cool o.o I’ll have to look into those other places as well. The flood of poetry since the postings has been insane.