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Hey there! As we get used to the new forums, I think we’ll all run into things we don’t understand or want to change. This thread is a good place to let loose with comments to that effect, as well as a place for folks to provide answers to go along with that.

I’ll start with a sort of open-ended question: do we want parent categories? That is, with SMF, we had a parent category that contained all the categories that were only open to FWG members. Is that something we like, or is it not worth it?

And to answer: this is definitely doable by the admins!

  1. Create a new category from the categories listing
  2. For each subcategory you want to be in the parent category, click the Edit category button. 2019-11-13-141527_180x98_scrot
  3. From there, select the new parent category you just created.