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Delete Please <3


Something I might recommend may be to finish the novel first before looking for beta readers. For example, I’m near the end of my own project, but as I zero in on the end, I already know things I want to change earlier on. I have plot points I want to move around, characters to try and develop and whatnot. Things I wouldn’t have thought of at the time.

One might be able to check for grammar, spelling and what not on a chapter by chapter basis, but content and story flow are harder to really critique without the whole story.

seconded. It’s a guarantee you will write things in the later chapters that you need to put in the beginning. Finish the novel first, draft it, make those changes, get it to where you are satisfied with it, and then seek feedback.

Rookie mistake. Suppose college didn’t teach me everything. Hopefully in a few months I can have this thing pounded out.