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Critique requested on noir short story (~8000 words)

Curious if anyone would be willing to read and give feedback on a short story draft I recently completed. It’s a noir detective type story that’s also a little bit old west, so fair warning: some of the content and language is a bit rough (e.g., murder, racism).

Though I tried to do some research, I know nothing about detective work, so if anyone who does know anything about that wants to give it a look that would also be super appreciated. Also concerned, as usual, with whether the themes are coming across effectively or not. As in the thread title, it’s a bit on the long side (~7800 words or so), so I’m willing to read and comment on something in return.

Feel free to reply here if interested, or send me a PM. Or DM on Twitter (@FrankLerenard) if that’s your thing.

Thanks in advance to any takers.