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Conventions with the best writing tracks/panels?

I attended Further Confusion this year as my first fur con. I loved that there were writing tracks for many interests! Are there other fur cons you would recommend for lots of options for writing in the programming? Thank you.

Anything in the pacific northwest, but especially around the Seattle area, often brings in a ton of good writers from the region.

I’ve never been to the California conventions, but with those possible exceptions Rain Furrest currently has the best writing track in the USA, easy.

For a relatively small convention, Fur the 'More did very well with its writing panels last year. Of course, I might be a bit biased because I was on several of them. :slight_smile:

I’ve only ever attended RainFurrest myself, but I’m continually told by other con-goers who travel the country for it that it has the best writing track in the country. I know that both years I’ve gone, I would have been happy as a clam to set up camp in either of the rooms for the entirety of the convention X3

Edit: *writing track of any furry convention in the country (I’m sure there are writing conventions with better tracks >.>).

I’d say RF and FC have the two best, probably in that order, based on both my experience and what I hear from other people. I must now throw up the BIG RED FLAG about that since I’ve been running FC’s writing track the last three years, which makes me a rather biased observer! But both RF and FC have tracks run by published writers who can corral other published writers, and I think that really makes a measurable difference.

AC has a pretty strong writing track, with about 25 panels in 2014. I think that’s second only to RF.

MFF has been an underachiever, but as their newly appointed writing track lead I’m trying to turn that around this year.

Go M Go! Get that writing track on track!

Seriously, I’ll be thrilled to see more furry conventions get more and more solid writing tracks in the future :3 RF will most likely always be my annual thing, but here’s to hoping for more excuses to travel out of state!

I quit going to Anthrocon largely due to cost factors and a lack of writing programming. If it’s gotten that much better, I’ll have to check it out again. It’ll still cost too much, but… Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or something.

I’d like to make it out to AnthroCon one of these years.

Rainfurrest and FurCon both have good writing tracks in terms of the panels. The real advantage that Rainfurrest has is that it devotes a suite to evening writing events such as book launches. That’s really nice.

It would help if FC had writing guests of honor more often. This year, it was only puppeteers. Last year, there was an artist and the creator of nyan cat. RF has been much more reliable about always having a writing GOH.

You can check out their 2014 schedule here or here (go to page 70). I count 25 panels, and you’ll see some pretty big names among the panelists. That said, I concur that Anthrocon is easily the most expensive con of those I’ve attended, the cost being one of the reasons it isn’t and probably won’t be on my “every year” list. I don’t plan to attend this year (I’m likely to attend RF and cannot afford both).

Yeah, I’m committed to RF this year myself already. It’s interesting that AC is taking an interest in writing, however. Maybe next year? And… Hope to see you at RF!

Sigh I’ve been hospital-bound since 2005, when hardly anyone in furry fandom cared about writing. The only furry convention that I can attend (in my wheelchair, with my sister Sherry’s help) is CaliFur, and CaliFur is so indifferent to writing that it didn’t even have a conbook last year. All of this talk about which furry cons today are best for writers makes me envious.

I’ll pipe in with the whole Rainfurrest writing track thing.

Other than that, up here in Canada we have Fur-Eh!, which has an awesome writing track, mostly because Fangs and Fonts runs it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If any of you ever make it to ConFuzzled, Kandrel runs the writing track and it’s small but perfectly formed :slight_smile: For the last couple of years there’s been a con-themed five-sentence story competition, too. Quite a few keen writers and aspiring writers over here!

The conbook seems to have stopped accepting stories, though :frowning: