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Convention Promo/Swag

I’m going to be attending and doing panels at Norwescon at the end of the month. It’s a scifi/fantasy event and fairly large, and I’d be happy to take swag, promo, fliers etc. to get out on the tables and in front of eyes.

If anyone has bookmarks or cards or other swag they’d like to send to the con, pm me and I’ll get you an address or we can work out how to get some printed.
We’d just need to make sure I have it in hand by March 23.


I’m going to keep this thread going and mention that I still have a few hundred or so FWG bookmarks on hand, and I’d much rather mail these out to members for distribution at cons than send them on to the next president to deal with.

So if anybody’s going to a convention (furry or sf) anytime through, say, the end of the summer and wants to help out the guild by politely scattering bookmarks about the premises, send me a PM or email to furwritersguild@gmail.com with a postal address, and I’ll get some sent your way. I’d especially like to have some at AC if possible.

And if anyone else wants to coordinate swag drops for their own bookmarks/postcards/what have you, feel free to use this thread. :slight_smile: