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Contacts for Gaming

I didn’t see a topic collecting contact information for those of us who play video games. So, start a list of Steam IDs and all those other gaming contacts?

Do board games count?

Steam: lord_bahumat

I don’t play much multiplayer:

PlanetSide2 as [TWC2]BalusBubalis on Connery
Team Fortress 2 as I Cant Believe Its Not Butthurt

My steam is ayanlu

I play a lot of solo games but am open to playing pretty much anything, such as Armello. :3
I also play a load of board games for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Steam ID: TheRedFoxCamio
Battle.net: Camio#1285
PSN: TheRedFoxCamio
XBox: TheRedFoxCamio

I don’t play much multiplayer either, and don’t play any MMOs right now. Just thought this might be a good place to spread the networking.

SteamID: CaptainWolfy25
I do play multiplayer, though I don’t own or play Cod or BF.

Off Steam I mostly play World of Tanks.

Don’t game much anymore, but I do occasionally.

Steam: base_ic101
Xbox: MTR Mog Moogle

I’m on Steam, League of Legends (EUW) and Smite. I’ll PM info if anyone’s interested.

Xbox: VulpineMadness

Feel free to add me. :slight_smile: