Furry Writers' Guild Forum

ConFuzzled 2017 (May 26-30)

Hello folks,

If you’re coming to ConFuzzled 2017, do check out our writing track, which features the award-winning Huskyteer, the industrious Televassi, the soft-nosed professional Jeeves, and our leader, the adjectiveless Kandrel. You can find the writing track events in our online schedule here. Three events a day for three days, for a total of hrair! As well as panel events (spanning the range from Your First Story all the way to The Art Of Erotic Storytelling, which some writers achieve in a single bound) we have a coffeehouse/meetup for writers, bedtime stories from Kandrel and Huskyteer, and a flash fiction competition.

– Mut

p.s. Registration is closed for this year’s con so, er, well done dog, this post would sure have been useful three months ago. But 2018 will surely be even bigger, better, and shinier! [shininess not guaranteed]

Well, I can’t possibly top that! So, we, yes, come along and say hi!