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Conflict Driven Writing Prompts?


I just had an idea, would anyone be interested to participate in conflict driven writing prompts?

I am thinking of doing two conflict prompts each fortnight, one that affects the protagonist on a personal level and another, that affects all the characters as a whole.

For example: Marriage Breakdown/Zombie Apocalypse.

What do you think? Interested? Want a cookie?

I will take a cookie.

Sounds interesting. Wiggle a few around, let’s see what gets us biting?

I’m always down to more prompts. More prompts = more stories. I think I might write the one suggested if it’s official.

Also yes, I’d take that cookie.

I’d be down for that. The single-word prompts haven’t been working out for me lately, and I like that it’s a personal/whole match-up.

I’ll also take a cookie please :3

Sounds like a neat idea. :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in making this a thing? Maybe we all post some ideas, and they get paired at random or something?