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Conbook advertising

I’d like to start putting a few FWG ads in conbooks (missed the deadline for RF, unfortunately, but might do that next year). Ideally, I’d like to get the biggest potential number of people seeing it for the lowest cost, so I’d be looking at probably quarter-page ads (or smaller, depending on what sizes are offered).

Any suggestions for which cons might be best, or does anyone know places we might even be able to get free/discounted ads from sympathetic conbook editors (here’s hoping, anyway)?

I’ll state the obvious: Anthrocon.

That said, what about MFF?

I’ve got quarter-page and business card sized ads in the VancouFur conbook available for $45 or $25 respectively, if that’s of interest!

Forgive me, but why would we wish to advertise? People seem to be finding us just fine.

It would seem to me that, if we feel a need for publicity at all, more could be accomplished among “literary” furs by writing articles about ourselves for “Flayrah” and other such publications. It’s hard to beat free.

Well, the obvious question is, how do we know that for certain? I would also note that there still seem to be people who knew about us four years ago but apparently have had no idea we were still going or doing anything.

I’m not looking to do a big ad blitz, mind you, just a conbook here or there, with a focus more on getting our brochures and bookmarks out at cons, and getting more panels together at cons (group readings, meet and greet, that kind of thing). And yes, I would like to see articles on Flayrah and such (assuming I can find someone to write them), and I’m going to be exploring a few other free options like that as well. I’m happy to hear out any suggestions for ways to get free exposure, but I’d just like to cover all our bases as much as possible, as long as it can be done relatively inexpensively. People who don’t read Flayrah might see a conbook ad or pick up a brochure, and vice versa.

Tony, good idea, though I’m looking for ads probably more in the $10-20 range if possible, unless we start getting a lot more donations in. :slight_smile:

I’m sure a bunch of us will be pushing the guild by word of mouth at panels for RF so there’s that too

And that’s one way everyone can help, for free. :slight_smile:

I retire in six weeks-- give me a couple more afterwards to settle in and I’ll try to write a piece that can be submitted to various newsplaces. Until then I fear I’m still too busy-- got a series of novels going.

Spoke to the guys at FurDu today, and they’re probably going to be running some reasonably-priced ads in their conbook if you wanted to explore that avenue.