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Comic Project Seeking Writers

Spotted by e-mail:

“This “project” is intended to be an anthology of stories, in comic format, all of them with the theme of shapeshifting. Instead of just the usual TF comic of “Some guy changes slowly and we never find out what happens”, these are intended to be stories with character development, villains, struggles, and conclusions. The Delta Project will be crowd funded, as there is no way I can afford to just make the comics without assistance… The main idea behind The Delta Project is that anyone can submit a story (within the rules, which I’ve yet to make). If your story is selected, ideally, you won’t have to pay a dime to get it finished - that’s where the crowd comes in. So essentially, the writer is commissioning me to make their story into comic format…”

So… do the writers get paid?

It would appear not.

Please note that the story submitters will not be given any money in return for this.
- taken from the DA link.

I think you got the wrong idea about this project. Jakkal is looking for people interested in seeing their ideas put into comic form, but she is not soliciting writers.

Yeah, it seems to be more of a ‘if you have a cool story idea you’d like to see as a comic, let me know’, rather than ‘here, write the story for me for nothing’.