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Coffeehouse Chat topic ideas

This thread will be used to keep track of what topics you would like to talk about (within reason, of course, and they should have some relation to writing/literature). I’ll also keep track, in this main post, of what ideas we have already used as time goes on.

I would prefer that topics that still want to continue after the Coffeehouse chat ends for that evening be moved into a thread (because there’s clearly enough interest in the topic to warrant the interest of others who may not be in attendance).

[color=blue]Suggested and unused topics

[ul][li]Crowdfunding for writers (Kickstarter, Patreon, etc) - what works, what doesn’t[/li]
[li]Writing antagonists[/li]
[li]Your long-term goals as a writer[/li]
[li]Pen names - pros and cons[/li]
[li]Pet peeves as a reader[/li]
[li]Ebooks vs print[/li]
[li]Writing [/li]
[li]Trilogies and series[/li]
[li]Dealing with the inner critic - self-doubt, perfectionism, and other saboteurs[/li]
[li]People who encouraged/discouraged you as a beginning writer[/li][/ul]

[color=Red]Recently used topics

[ul][li]Opening lines[/li]
[li]What is your biggest weakness in your writing? How do you think you can overcome it?[/li]
[li]Worldbuilding - Fine line between painting a picture and telling over showing?[/li]
[li]Character Naming[/li]
[li]Reader pet peeves, and how have they changed?[/li][/ul]

Crowdfunding for writers (Kickstarter, Patreon, etc) - what works, what doesn’t
Writing antagonists
Your long-term goals as a writer (this came up at last night’s chat, so if Tuesday becomes the topic chat, this one’s already been used)
Opening lines
Pen names - pros and cons
Pet peeves as a reader
Ebooks vs print
Writing horror (or romance, science fiction, fantasy – basically any genre or subgenre could be a topic)
Trilogies and series
Dealing with the inner critic - self-doubt, perfectionism, and other saboteurs
People who encouraged/discouraged you as a beginning writer

This is starting to remind me of the writing panels at RF X3 No complaints at all though! I can honestly say I’m very interested in most of these topics!

I posed this question just as a “I wonder if I’m the only one…” and folks seem to enjoy talking about it, so I figured it might be fun for a CHC. You guys could probably word it more elegantly than me though X3

Does your taste in genre for writing differ from your taste in genre for reading, and if so how?

Explorations of theme

How to please your readers, but really, why would you want to?

Dark & difficult

I would like a discussion on working with artists. Cover art, interiors, promotional. How to get what you need without being a control freak.

This is a great idea! Wouldn’t be a bad idea to do one on working with editors too. :slight_smile: both great topics.