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Coffeehouse Chat info

If you’re trying to figure out what the Coffeehouse Chat is, you’re in the right place. :slight_smile: It’s an informal chat held in the forum shoutbox where members can socialize and talk shop.

Currently, we hold two scheduled chats per week:

Thursday at 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific in the forum snoutbox

Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific in #coffeehouse on the Slack

To figure out what those times translate to in your location, try this.

We start out by each checking in with what kind of progress we’ve made on our writing for the previous week, and then we open up to general conversation, usually (but not always) with a specific topic. At the end of the chat, we each set our writing goals for the coming week.

Each Coffeehouse Chat is an hour long, but people often show up before and hang around after. You don’t have to attend every week.

For the snoutbox chats:

You’ll need to be registered with the forum to see the shoutbox. If you have problems with the shoutbox during chat, try refreshing the page. It can get a bit bogged down when a lot of us are on at one time.

At this time, there are no chat logs/archives of the Coffeehouse Chats that are posted to the forum, but you can always go back through the shoutbox history page by page, by clicking on the clock icon in the top right corner of the shoutbox.

For the Slack chats:

You’ll ned to be registered for the Slack. At this time, there are no logs for the chats, and we will likely lose them to scrollback. If anyone wants to copy/paste them, that’s fine.