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Camp Tiny Paws Conbook

From the Camp Tiny Paws website:

Submission Deadline: June 1st

Submissions should be sent to the Head Counselors - info@camptinypaws.org

Format for all written work:

  1. RTF or DOC file submitted via email to the Head Counselors
  2. 1000 words or less
  3. American or British English
  4. Single-spacing for lines/paragraphs
  5. No tabs at the start of paragraphs; tap Enter twice between paragraphs
  6. PG-13 rating; no graphic violence or sexual encounters/descriptions
  7. Include the following on your first page:
  • real name
  • pseudonym or author name to be used in the conbook
  • copyright info as you want it to read (i.e. © Pseudonym or real name 2019)
  • email address
  • title of work
  • word count

Any artwork or written work submitted to Camp Tiny Paws is published to support and publicize the convention and the artist/writer, not for the financial benefit of any other individual (including the Camp Tiny Paws staff and Tiny Paws Inc. Board of Directors) or any for-profit company. Camp Tiny Paws does not claim exclusive rights over the artwork/written work; the artist/writer may republish their work at any time. Submitting artwork/written work is not a guarantee of publication. We receive many submissions and just don’t have enough space to publish everything we receive.

The use of copyrighted characters (outside of the author’s own) or their likenesses is prohibited without the written consent of the original creator. Without written permission, the artwork/written work will not be considered for publication.

If you have any questions, contact the Head Counselors.