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Camp Nanowrimo April 2017 Cabin

We went and made a cabin for April’s Camp Nanowrimo if anyone else is playing and wants to join, just comment with your username and I’ll send out invites. :slight_smile:

Username: Mazel

Add me please! Username: Searska.

Searska, ready to send you an invite, but it wants you to make a project first. :wink:

OMG, sorry! Made a project. XD

Please invite me too!
U/N: TheRottweiler

sigh I swore this off after my last couple attempts ended so horribly, but… yeah, okay, I’m in. shakes head at self Username Poetigress.

Ditto, and ditto ::slight_smile:


I think I’ve got invites to everyone so far. Let me know if I missed you.