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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016

In a bold move, I have started a cabin! Who’s with me? Let me know your username and I will throw you an invite!

(NB: You need to create a project before you can join a cabin. If you haven’t decided what you’re working on yet, you can change it later.)


I’m in! My NaNo name is Mazel.

You’re the first! You get the pick of the bunk beds!

Whoohoo! I’m under the name “Searska.” :slight_smile:

You need to create a project before you can join a cabin (I’ll update the first post!).

Let’s do this (this time). I created my project and am all set to go. Camio there, too. Stumbles back to sleep

I’d love to join if there’s room in the cabin.
My nano id is Neffis


ooooooooooooo gnaws a paw I do need a kick in the pants to write…

Can we get some encouragement rods or something?

Okay, I’mma do it! User - Oceanskye

Gah! Alright, created a project. :slight_smile:

User - Kirisis
I’d like to join please

You get an invite. And YOU get an invite! Everyone gets an invite!

Whoo, half full already :slight_smile:

Mine is jmjuly20.

Any more for any more? Three places remaining! And Kirisis, you need to accept your invitation :slight_smile:

I’ll join! My username is E.Ellerby