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Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

April session of Camp NaNoWriMo is approaching…


(I’m assuming they’ll also be doing the usual second session in July.)

Hmm. I could use the boost to productivity… But I’ll probably be buried in slush reading and editing of ROAR in April.

The last Camp Nano we did was great, but April is not going to be a writing month for me (Go Noir editing). July though, sign me up!

July will probably work for me… Theoretically, ROAR will be all done by then.

I’d like to do one NaNo this year. July it is, then!

So, do I go for the 15,000-word project, or the 40,000-word one?

I really was extremely productive during the camp, think I’ll sign up for the April session. Strangely having something to keep track of my progress ensured I always tried making progress.

I always had good luck with NaNo, and I need to redeem myself for my computer going kaput halfway through last November. I’ll probably do the April session.

I’m all for July! Like Leafblade, it helped me incredibly to have some accountability… Especially in a month when all I want to do is be outside playing O_O If I get a solid wordcount in first thing…

I would love to do it in April since I need to get a big project moving ahead. July will depend on what happens in May or June for me.

How many writers to a cabin?

I’ve only attempted the traditional NaNo WriMo before, a couple of years ago. I’d definitely be interested in the July one. Do pre-existing works count if we only count what we add to them? Or do we have to start from scratch?

We should probably point out that Camp NaNo is not as strict as NaNoWriMo. You’re not required to write 50k in a month. You set your own word count goal for the month.

The cabins are limited to 12 writers. You can either choose to be assigned to a cabin (based on criteria you choose, like genre) or you can make private cabins that are invitation-only.

And yeah, things are far more laid-back overall than the November version. Adding to pre-existing stuff is fine (though NaNo rebels will do that even in November).

I’m still deciding whether or not I’m going to participate in April, but if someone wants to go ahead and make a private cabin for us and be in charge of inviting/approving people, feel free. :slight_smile:

Actually. I DO need to work hard in April. I would help set up a cabin if others want.

I could do my 15,000 word project in April and the 40k one in June!

…oh God what have I become!?

A prolific writer!!

I can set up a private cabin tomorrow if that is okay. Unless someone has time tonight. 35k sounds like a good goal for me in April.

So, I made a private cabin, but I need people’s NANO handles again to invite you.

Fire away and I’ll send an invite. There’s twelve slots.

Ha. In my dreams!

Me! It is under my full name of NightEyes DaySpring.

Oh, it says you have to create a project first.