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Call for Beta Volunteers

Hey guys,

I hate to ask for big things, especially when I have not been very active in the past couple of months, but I’m finishing up a novel that I started a long time ago and I’m looking for volunteers to read over it. Its about two brothers witnessing 9/11 and it will probably run to about 75K words. I won’t be done with the first draft for a little while but if anyone is interested in giving it a try I’ll be sure to return the favor and all who help will get an honorable mention when I post the story on So Furry.

Thanks and best!

Argo D.D.

I’ll give it a read, once you have it finished. What specifically are you looking to get from a beta-reading?

Basically to see if it flows properly and is able to hold the reader’s interest, as well as some grammatical pointers along the way.

Should be doable. Shoot me a PM when you’ve got the file ready.

I’ll do that. Thank you!