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Califur 2016

Howdy. Hope y’all are doing well. I know it’s not a big writer’s spot, but I’ll be attending Califur and I’m curious to know if any writers will be showing up. I know there are a handful of writing panels and I’m hosting a panel myself about the history of the Redwall series. If anyone is I would love to meet up just to talk. Have a nice day.

I will be at CaliFur for one day, Saturday, in my wheelchair with my sister Sherry pushing it, so we should be easy to see. I would very much like to meet any other FWGers who are there.

CaliFur is the only furry convention that I can attend, since I can only make one-day trips from my convalescent hospital in Los Angeles, when it’s convenient for my sister to take me out in my wheelchair. (She does have her own life, too.)