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By-law Change for Guild Officers - Results

For more information on what we voted on, please see http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=1080.0 or see the email you should have received when voting began.

The votes have been tallied. With a vote of 21 - 2, the guild has voted YES, that we will go forward with the changes to the by-laws. Beginning as late as next election season, we will have a Vice-President and a Secretary/Treasurer.

In a side note, I remember it being mentioned somewhere that maybe, if the president so sees fit, we have a separate election or appointment this year for the positions? So that could be a thing too.

In either case, thank you to all that voted, and hopefully we will see some people stepping up to fill these rolls in the future.

Yep. From the proposal text:

“This proposal, should it be agreed to by a majority of the voting members, would take effect no later than the 2017 election. The president whose term begins in 2016 may, at their discretion, choose to hold a special election to fill these positions.”

So that will be left up to Chipotle to decide, whatever he thinks is best.

I’ll get the by-laws changed on the website either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks again to all who voted!

Ah yes. Too early in my morning to be trying to read things. By that I mean I just now got coffee.

Changes have been made: