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Books we got for Christmas!

I’m sure that many of us got books for Christmas, being writers. So, feel tell us what you got/gave/read and what it’s about and what you rate it. Feel free to share other narrative forms (such as video games, movies, etc) if you want to. And if you don’t/didn’t celebrate Christmas, then feel free to talk about whatever you might be reading/watching/playing at the moment.

I got Y, The Last Man from my sister. It’s a fantastic graphic novel about the last man on earth and his pet monkey. For some reason, a plague kills all the mammals on earth with a Y chromosome except for this guy, Yorrick, and his pet monkey. It’s an interesting read and I loved every minute of it. The pacing is great and the dialogue is fantastic. The vision and scope of the writing is amazing, too. The only real issue I had with it was that I feel like the main character is a tad inconsistent. 4.5/5

I also got The Stand, by King, and it’s 1.6k pages, so I’ll give the verdict on it in a week or two >.<

I got bored and read half of Heretic by Rukis yesterday, but I got that before Christmas. I (finally) got Ursula Vernon’s Black Dog books and Kyell Gold’s Holidays (be prepared for the storm of hatred, Friday). My sister said she may get me a couple more for my birthday, but we shall see.

I got the new Jim Henson biography as a gift, which I’m really looking forward to reading. I’ve read other things about his life and work through the years, of course, but I’ve heard this one is especially comprehensive.

While I was doing my Christmas shopping, I picked up two used paperbacks for myself (to be able to get free shipping from Amazon, now that they’ve bumped the threshold to $35), of Diana Peterfreund’s Ascendant (second in her killer unicorn series) and Mira Grant’s Blackout (third in her Newsflesh zombie trilogy). It’ll probably be a while before I get to those, though – I still have a couple library books I need to finish first.

Dogs of War (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/14830188-dogs-of-war), a graphic novel about 3 dogs serving with the armed forces, and Shady Characters (http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/oct/03/shady-characters-ampersands-keith-houston-review), about unusual typographical characters. Fewer books than usual for me this year!

I mostly got Indigo gift cards, which I have been using on my usual mass book purchasing spree.