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Books and Stories with Skunks

Skunks are my favorite, so I was wondering if folks here knew of any novels or short stories with skunks in them that I don’t know of already.

Kickin’ it WAY old school, “American manga” Ninja High School. One of the main characters, Princess Asrial, is an anthro skunk from a planet full of them called Salusia. She spends most of the early series in what she considers her loathsome human form, but as things progress (and the romance heats up between her and the young male lead Jeremy Feeple) we see her in Salusian form more and more.


I don’t know of any novels with anthro skunks. There are several short stories on the Metamor Keep site. I reprinted “Daylight Fading” by Chris Hoekstra and its illustration by Dark Natasha in my An Anthropomorphic Century anthology.


About ten years ago, there were several stories online by Meph Whitestripe about humans being transformed into anthro skunks. He has since disappeared and all his stories have been moved to a private site.

Thank you both!

This came up in conversation tonight with a friend.

James Hardiman’s SKUNKWORKS.


I’ve seen his art. I’m admittedly looking more for novels with skunks, but thanks for the link!

Here is another comic strip, rather than a novel, but it’s skunk-related.

Thanks for the link!