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Book reviews for Furry Times blog

Harro guys,

So, Thurston Howl Publications has started doing book reviews (for furry books exclusively) on the furry blog Furry Times. Each post gets several thousands of views, including our book reviews. If you are interested in having your published work reviewed, please feel free to shoot me a message! Only quid pro quo is that I only review print copies.

Thanks! ^^

Cool! Thank you for this!

Do you have a link? Google isn’t being particularly helpful. :slight_smile:

(Also, moving this to The Library, since it’s reviews of published work and not critique of works in progress.)

…also, do you need reviewers?

The site is yiffytimes.wordpress.com. The boss is changing the name over to FurryTimes due to the cultural connotation with “yiff.” Sorry, Huskyteer, but to my knowledge, we are not looking for more reviewers. Thank you though!!!

I feel that I should point out that if anyone wants a review of a furry printed book (no e-books) on Dogpatch Press, I’m always available. My mailing address is:

Fred Patten
c/o Sherrill Patten
11333 Moorpark Street, #471
Studio City, CA 91602

See Dogpatch Press for my reviews.

Don’t forget there’s this thread: http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=43.0

That’s a good idea. :slight_smile: I noticed the header has been changed, but do you know if they’re going to change the actual URL as well?

I believe that is the plan! It was named Yiffy Times before it was such a sexual term haha.

The site was established in 2009. I can assure you yiffy was synonymous with sex long before that.

At least back to 1998, by my own memory. And probably at least 1997, but I couldn’t so swear in a court of law.

I was Yiffing my Goat back then in the 90’s, so I could swear.

As the publisher of the furry non-fiction book that won the Ursa Major, I just assumed Jonny TH was being silly. Plus the HaHa and all.

I talked with the blog owner, and I had misheard him. He had called it that before HE knew it was that sexual. :stuck_out_tongue: My mistake!

It happens all the time to us word-smiths. I once chided George Square for using BIannual incorrectly on Twitter, BUT guess who was really wrong?

This horse.

And what made it worse? All Caps.

Sorry again George!

Hi there it’s me Ahmar Wolf I happen to run Furry Times and am always on the look for submissions. You got something I want it.

Here are Thurston’s Reviews

Awesome, thank you for doing this! I will be sending you a copy of my latest as well when I get it :slight_smile:

Sure thing! Just shoot me a PM, and I’ll send you my mailing address. Thanks!