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Blackgate - A Visual Novel Project (adults only)

To those of you that follow AnthroAquatic’s Twitter or FA account, I have been hired on as the editor for a (mostly) M/M-oriented visual novel called Blackgate.

The basis of the story is that you are you (if you are a male human) that gets transported into a world of monsters that’s totally afraid of you because they think you’re some all-powerful demi-god or something. It’s up to you to make your way through the town and survive.

You can find more about the project on the Patreon page: www.patreon.com/blackgategame

The game is and will forever be free to download and play, and is funded “pay what you would like” style. A new demo will come out roughly every two weeks before the project is eventually finished and released.

On my own, personal note, I was paired with Bane, the creator of this project, as the only other dealer with a half-table at Anthro New England. I heard about Blackgate from him, and played it to see what it was about. Keeping in mind that the script is still a first draft, I was amazed at the depth in his character creation. Every character in the game is completely unique and has their own story. I was definitely honored that he asked me to help him with the editing.

I encourage those that don’t mind adult situations to check Blackgate out, and hopefully help Bane via his Patreon. He’s looking to do several other visual novels after this one is completed, and the more support he gets on this one, the more people he’ll be able to have help him on future projects.

Scanned through it and I must admit, I’m impressed with the rewards he’s doing for the higher tiers o.o I’m also glad to see it’s getting the support it is.

After this month, I’d definitely be interested in getting in on this :3 Thanks for sharing, and here’s to a long, fruitful working relationship between you two!

Bumping this dead thread.

I figure that, since there are several people here who may be interesting in this project, I’ll post updates to the project here.

Two updates for this month! Jack now has a completed Night 6, and several characters have had their sprites updated. We’re on Build .36 now! www.patreon.com/blackgategame