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Bête, by Adam Roberts

From reading this review, this might be one of those books where half of it (at least) will go way over my head, but still sounds interesting:


Damn, that does sound good. And I can explain any Dad’s Army references for you :slight_smile:

Bummer! This is only published in Great Britain right now (Gollantz), so the L.A.-area libraries don’t have it. There will presumably be an American edition eventually …

My sister has ordered “Bête” through Amazon.com as a Christmas present for me. Thanks, Sherry!

I got “Bête” from Amazon.com, but with some problem. My sister ordered one copy; Amazon.com sent her two copies and billed her for both. When she protested the second copy, Amazon.com said, “You can always return any unwanted books for a refund.” But they won’t refund their shipping charges, and she has to pay to ship back the unwanted copy; about $10.00. And the refund isn’t cash; Amazon.com issues a credit on her next purchase.

Anyway, I have read “Bête” now, and just sent my review to Dogpatch Press. Yes, the book is excellent. I highly recommend it.