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Beta readers wanted: A YA urban fantasy, transformation story.

I’ve finished another story called, Of Foxes and Spiders. It is a young adult (sfw) story about a fox that gets wrapped up in a magic spell that changes her human. She is adopted by a miner that attempted to kill her in her fox form. She has no memory and now lives with miner and the witch that changed her.

Length: 8k

Voice was so graciously helped me with writing this story. Any one interested let me know.


I’m now open for beta reading other works as well. If anyone has anything they want me to read, send it my way.

Additional I would like anyone that beta reads leave a review on Amazon once I publish.

Sounds intriguing! You still got my details, right?

Beta reads are sent out now.

Did you get your copy Erdwolf?

Haven’t received anything yet… wit_kraai[a]hotmail.com right?

There, you should have the link now. No idea what went wrong.

@Erdwolf_TVL how goes the beta read? Any timeframe you can give me to completing it?

Thanks to all the beta readers for your help. Final draft is now completed and I will start formatting this into an ebook. Once the cover is finished, the story will be up on Amazon and smashwords.