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Beta readers wanted: A F/F erotic story for consideration of Claw.

Once again I’m looking for a couple beta readers for a F/F story. The world is an extension of my novel I’m writing. Several of the characters are also derive from my novel.

I would like feedback on accuracy for F/F play.

If pacing is right.

If enough description is given.

I’m open to beta read as well. So thanks everyone once again.

Edit: all the beta reading has been completed now. Revisions are done and story is being submitted.

I still have plenty of open spots for a beta reader. I only received one reader so far.

I’m game!

DM here
Slack: @makyo
Telegram: @DrabMakyo
Email: makyo@drab-makyo.com

I added you to the Google doc. Comments enabled so you can place as needed.

Just checking on my beta readers so far. Everything going well so far?

The deadline is in September but I’d like to submit it as soon as I can to clear my plate.

I’m just waiting back for your review so far.

If you’re still needing Betas, I’m game!

I’ll see how long it takes for Mako to review it. There’s still time left.